Toddle Born Wild Adventure Kit Skin & Scarf
Toddle Born Wild

Toddle Born Wild Adventure Kit Skin & Scarf

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Toddle Born Wild is a 100% vegan children's skincare brand created by a mum of 2 right here in the UK. The products are exactly what parents have been looking for - as natural as they can be, fab for sensitive skin and a little goes a long way! With scrummy natural ingredients such as organic jojoba oil and shea butter, this is what small people's skin has been crying out for!

Kit Contains:

1x Lip Balm

This dribble proof lip balm contains organic jojoba oil and shea butter, formulated to prevent chapped lips AND dribble rash, a double win! With a handy fastening so you can attach it to your buggy or change bag.

1x Sun & Wind Balm

All year round protection from sun and wind, with fantastic levels of UVA / UVB protection and super high SPF 50+, perfect for sensitive skin. The non-greasy formula contains vitamin E, B3, B5 and lemon oil, offering natural protection for delicate skin. With excellent water resistance it is fab for holidays, whilst its organic mineral protection means no nasty chemicals can harm the environment. This miracle balm also provides amazing wind protection, so whether you're jumping in the sea, or building a snowman, it's the perfect choice for family days out!

1x Happy Germ Hand Gel

Toddle's Happy Germ Hand Gel uses happy germs, like the cultures found in fancy yoghurts, to help improve natural barriers in children's skin. Essential oils are also used for their naturally occurring antibacterial properties. With no alcohol or acids, the Toddle Happy Germ Hand Gel doesn’t dry out your child’s skin. Instead, aloe vera and organic turmeric oil help keep hands feeling soft. And with the Toddle Toggle to clip your Hand Gel to buggies and bags, it's ready whenever you need it!

1x Adventure Tube Scarf


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