Easi Plaster

Easiplaster 6cm by 5m roll

Regular price £6.99

An alternative to traditional plasters, Easiplaster can be placed directly over wounds and wrapped securely. Because the Easiplaster sticks to itself, and not skin or hair, it is ideal for children as it minimises pain when applying and removing the Easiplaster. No more "ripping" off the plaster!

Another bonus is that the wash proof, stretchy material can cope with busy lives, and the easy tear material makes it ideal for use when out and about. No need for lugging around a large plaster roll and scissors, or realising your pre-cut plasters are just too small! The lightweight 5m Easiplaster roll allows plenty of uses, just use what is necessary for the size / severity of the wound. 

  • Fast easy application
  • Sticks to itself, not skin, hair or wounds, so less discomfort applying and removing
  • Tear to suit size needed
  • Stretchy and waterproof
  • Width: 6cm Length: 5m



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